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when i hear people irl talking about pokemon


"i only like the first generation, all the new pokemon are stupid"


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New transforming key blades

Ok so we know now that the new blades will transform in KH3 like sora new guns and will be different according to the key blade he uses so what about people like Micky, Riku, Kairi, and Axel whose key blades stay the same through the game ? I mean I think Axel’s will be his chakrams but what about every else’s like mickeys could be a wand since they do use Micky as a magician a lot in the series and I really hope they like some one will have a spear in the game and I really want every one to have armor in the game like BBS because that was my favorite battle when all of them had there armor on and it was just epic

So if mirajane doesn’t fight the the guy that poisoned laxus because they gave them a scene and then in the last chapter we found out she can eat poison and if Mira doesn’t go all demon bitch during a Arc about demons then I will lose faith in fairytail

Attack on titan(Spoilers)

ok so I started watching this around a week ago and just finished it and I have to say this is a kick ass anime like it wasn’t a 12 year olds show it was like a 17 year olds and it starts out a little slow and as soon as they were in boot camp I love it and the characters were amazing Eren is the leader and Armin is the brains but Mikasa let me tell you she is by far my favorite anime character of all times and the most badass person ever I mean she single handedly fought the female titan(Annie) all by herself and probable would have won if the bitch couldn’t have hardened her body

but here is what I didn’t like about the show Eren the lead character couldn’t even do anything till he transform in to a titan which I didn’t like I mean they went through all the training of using the 3D gear and he then turns into a Titan I hated that I mean it would have so much more awesome if Levi would taken him under his wing a taught him how to fight more advance and even in titan from Levi and mikasa would kill him so easily 

  well there is my little review on the show what did yall think and what should I watch next?

need a new anime

ok so I have/currently watching naruto ,one piece ,bleach ,hunterxhunter ,magi ,tengen toppa gurren lagan,soul eater,and fairytail. I like animes with lots of fights and magic and I would like there to more than just one over powered person in the whole anime. so what anime should I watch?